Blogging has so much to offer, more especially for writers. It offers the gateway to learn some basic 21st century needed skills, ignite creativity, along with analytical skills which we need for personal or our professional lives.

If you have been wondering what’s going on with blogging, or thinking of starting one, well, then this article is for you.

Here are my perks of blogging according to my experiences:
Refined my writing
Helped me work on acquiring healthy habits
Acquired technical skills
Building an online portfolio
Helping me find my voice
Giving me a sense of belonging in a community.

    As I was doing research for this article I came across a few good articles on the benefits of blogging which I will share links at the end of this post. For now…

    Here are my perks of blogging according to my experiences:

    Refined my writing skillsrefining my writing skills.

    It took me an extensive time to understand this craft since it mixes creativity yet it is also somewhat conforming and requires analytical skills.

    As a writer, each individual is free to explore nor use the kind of techniques comfortable to them to convey messages to their audience nonetheless, as a writer there are a few general principles that apply to all of us which distinguish each and one of us from exceptional writer to mediocre ones.

    No matter the type of content, your writing needs to be in a format or structure that is planned. It needs to be coherent and cohesive.

    When I first started blogging 2019, my articles were BAD! However they have gotten better.

    As I write more and share with others my work, I get constructive feedback about changes to implement in order to improve my writing.

    Helped me work on acquiring healthy habits
    2.	The need for building better habits

    It’s a working progress working on my good, healthy habits that produce quality results. ‘Working progress’ is good though right?  because it means I am a step further than I was yesterday right? Yes, I think so.

    Ever since I took up on this blogging hobby I now understand the importance of time management and planning in advance.

    I have had a sneak-peek of what it takes for one to be successful; to reach my goals and make the money I desire having. I kind of schooled myself a little on the foundation of core fundamentals required for success.

    It takes discipline, consistency, accountability, the ability to learn from mistakes fast and move on, and some more soft skills that help you be attentive when working with other people such as an open-mind to be able to empathise with others, self-awareness in order to be able to understand your limits and many others which I might discuss in another article.

    Without these skills, failure will crush you, you will give up and end up feeling sorry for thyself, wallowing for the rest of your life about what you did wrong then.

    We all fail now and then, we all do embarrassing things which make us cringe and wish we could dig a hole for ourselves but at the end of the day it is how we respond after that which makes a difference in our lives.

    So choose to make a difference in your life.

    I Acquired technical skills
    the technical skills

    Besides the personal, soft skills that I learned, I also learned the basic technicalities of running a website.

    I acquired Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills and social media marketing fundamentals of starting and growing a brand online, along with with getting sales. All this I compiled through research, experience, experimenting and reading books.

    Building an online portfolioBuild an online portfolio

    My blog is for my online portfolio for my curriculum vitae.

    From when I was a child, I have always wanted become a professional writer but I did not know where to start or what to write about, however from this blog, gradually I am seeing light.

    I see a gateway to a start for a book and this blog as evidence for relevant job posts about my knowledge and experience.

    A blog is great because it is a recording of all your activities about what you are passionate about and your expertise.

    As a working professional or working on becoming one, you need some accolades to show commitment to put on your resume/ C.V and a blog is great start to do that.

    Helping me find my voice
    Helps you find yourself

    On the first part of this series (P1) I mentioned “Traffic secrets” by Russell Brunson and how it motivated me to keep going with blogging.

    He mentions in his book that the more you do something, like blogging, the more you find your purpose for your life and increase your chances of your ideal audience finding you.

    You find your unique voice and a chance to share the experience with others. The chance to witness the transformation and growth with your audience.

    From this platform, I have had a chance to transition from an amateur to progressing into being the content creator I desire to be, all this through experimenting, failing, and constantly trying again. My first website when I started blogging I had no niche.

    I had no idea what I was doing and each morning I would just randomly write what I left like writing and posting…imagine!

    Yes, that makes me cringe too since my articles also had plenty of spelling errors and grammar mistakes, but from that experience I have since discovered that is no way to run a blog. Took the initiative to pick a niche and focus on a few things rather than many things at once without a plan.

    Through my growth phase, I have found my voice which is my love for reading books and sharing them with others.

    I am obsessed about personal development I annoyed some of my friends in high school because I just wouldn’t stop talking about ‘this life changing book I read’ every after a few weeks.

    From sharing my favorite books, this has also ignited my passion for writing too and creating a career out of it.

    Blogging has countless perks to it and once you are good, ambitious, and put more work into it, eventually you even get a chance to make money out of it, create a career, a business, a hustle, a brand…or whatever word you would like to categorize it in, at the end of the day it works for your advantage.

    I will not write about routes to make money out of this platform because we have different goals for blogging, so I will share links to articles that I found useful down here about monetizing a blog and other benefits of having one as a writer.

    This is for monetizing the blog.


    This is for other perks that could be beneficial to you once you when you start blogging.

    Giving me a sense of belonging in a community.Gives you sense of belonging in a community.

    One thing in life that gives us all pleasure and happiness is a sense of belonging in a community that understands us because those people are somewhat like us, you share values for common interests and those interests bring you all in one place which in this case is a blog site/ sites.

    Blogging is a community that brings together people that share a passion for a common cause and things they love, thus helping build with others strong connections online and networking skills which are needed for the working environment more importantly so.

    None other than that…blogging can also be a confidence booster and a motivator as well, all from receiving positive comments from others.

    From my blogging journey, I have since discovered other great content creators and a great community of other book lovers and writers like me which has made me enjoy always coming here to share.


    Blogging is a form of writing to express yourself, start discussions, entertain, shift perceptions etc. whatever you do nonetheless, have fun with it and enjoy each process of your metamorphosis along the way.

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    Enjoy each process of the metamorphosis.

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