I took a long, long break during December. When I took it, it wasn’t intentional for it to go this long but it did and here is why:

1. Anxiety

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Anxiety is part of the game in writing. It doesn’t matter what kind of a writer you are; a book writer, script writer, blogger etc…writing is that kind of a craft that takes courage into believing you are meant to do it.

Anxiety in this field can slowly escalate from the structure of driving a message to is the message even valid? then to a writer’s block, so many things can happen but this is the chance to keep on trying to break the barriers of your insecurities blocking progression.

During this over-due break I took, the more I browsed social media, more especially TikTok, I learned furthermore of better content and content creators. The further I discovered about this craft, I additionally I got insecure about my work and my fumbles.

This then lead to the procrastination of my next article and my younger brother kept asking me “when is your next article?”. The thought of my article not meeting the standards I have created in my head to meet now, made my stomach turn, literally I became sick.

I now want to switch things up with this website, add my photography to my blog instead of using stock images, my own image creativity, videography etc… everything with resources I don’t have yet.

At times like these however, when I feel like this, It’s good having a support structure and things to look up to in order to wake you from dreaming into reality. A state of focus on the now!

Currently I am reading the book “Traffic Secrets” by Russell Brunson and it is the exact book I needed to wake me into reality with its message.

Russell shares in this book marketing strategies and ideas to drive sales through online platforms and also his personal story to success which is as per usual, tells us how his start wasn’t all roses.

He started somewhere and fumbled in the beginning just as some of us all will or have.

He writes that you may start something from ground base planning, not knowing where the end destination will be, and that’s okay because the more you work on something, constantly committed to it, doing it, that is where you find your voice and your purpose in life.

Russell in his book shares his story about the birth of his Podcast and he states that as he kept at it, broadcasting always, that is where more ideas came to him on how to share more value to his audience and grow his business along with the Podcast.

When you start you open yourself to inevitable growth. As for criticism, well, its good. There is a thin line between criticism and hate.

Hate. Ignore! but criticism is a tool to help you improve and do things better to give out more value to your audience, eventually helping you grow your craft.

Now, the more I think of it, the more I see my aunt’s point. Recently after having a chat with her, she encouraged me to keep writing anyway even though I might be short of resources I need to grow my blog.

How am I to grow it if I slack on it, not showing up to it and exposing myself?

She advised me to keep on writing no matter what and posting , that is how my blog will grow ultimately as Russell states in his book, I will also find my ultimate purpose for this platform. A greater purpose than what I anticipated for it because growth means not being stagnant in one place.


It doesn’t matter if you are good enough or not, if you love it, then pursue it, commit to bettering it, getting education on it and eventually it will blossom. And once it does, It could inspire others because everyone’s journey to success is motivation or a story to help the next one take a leap of faith into the unknown.

There is just something about the above words that shows how serious you about your work and will make others gravitate towards supporting you as well.

‘Start with what you have’ are the words buzzing around me, when I read blog posts I see them, when I read social media content I see them, when I talk to my friends and relatives, I hear them. The universe is talking, so this must be a sign for you and me.

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