For us #Booklovers, reading can turn out to be an expensive hobby which can also be frustrating sometimes when you want to save money, but still read more books.

Now with the COVID-19 pandemic, we all have the the urge to read more because we are stuck at home more than ever before. We are self-isolating and in Quarantine, therefore we need more entertainment, more knowledge and maybe some inspiration, motivation, and encouragement in certain aspects of our lives.

On this article I am going to be sharing with you some little tips and tricks to ensure that you can still read more books without spending more money, and thus, still be  able to save money on books.

Here are 10 tips save money on books but still read more:

1. Shop from Independent bookstoresShop from independent bookstores

These book-shops often get books from people that sell books they no longer want to them. Here you get books still in good shape, trust me, you will never get books here with torn pages or book pages scrapped by children with a ball pen.

At these bookstores, you will often get second-hand books which are cheaper than a new book, however you can also get new and recent books as well cheaper.

   *** Where to find these bookstores? ***

Here in Johannesburg, you can find these bookstores around downtown Jozi, Melville and many other areas.

*** Pop-up shops ***

Some sell as pop-up shops and these you find anywhere really; these are the shops you see people standing at Malls or streets selling books. Try them!

Form a relationship with the seller, get their contacts (social media or telephone) so that you can get updates on all things bookish related or discounts and sales on books.

Go on to Google, type the words Independent Bookstores and specify that the search be for bookstores around the area you reside, afterwards information will show up about the bookstores, then you can call them or visit the store once you know where it is located.

2. Go to the libraryGo to the library

Libraries are great, there are free books you can read there, and they would not charge you money to read books.

3. Join a book-clubJoin a bookclub

Book-clubs are great for interacting with other fellow readers and form new relationships.

You will get lifetime friends that will also be of great assistance with exchanging (borrowing) each other books.

Just do thorough research before joining a book-club because book-clubs differ. They differ with the genre of books each one reads and their goals for the club, so be sure to choose a book-club that suits your goals and needs as well.

What is great about book-club friendships is that once you have formed sustainable friendships, that are built on trust, later on you can be able to lend each other books you each do not have.

Again, book-clubs are great because when they grow and get recognition and acknowledgement, you can even get books for free or at discounts from publishers in exchange for posts on social media and book reviews.

4. Book exchanging with friends and familyExchange books with friends and family.

If you know someone who is a bookish person in the family or a friend; exchange books with each other.

Then, when you read the book that is not yours, make notes of the things you have learnt in the book and never want to forget in your notes book or phone.

Hey! Why not even share on social media like Instagram? and tell us about a book[s] that helped channel your life into a different direction.

I follow back on social media platforms #booklovers and #readers so I can also get book inspiration and recommendations, so share on the socials about an inspiring book and tag me or follow for a follow back😉.

My social media details will be shared at the end of this post down below.

5. Budget with a friend for books and buy a variety of books/ a book to read at different timesBudget with a friend to different books to read and exchange among each other.

You can even make a deal with a friend to save or budget for books simultaneously, afterwards when you have bought the book[s], decide between the two of you the different times you will read the book[s].

6. Attend book-events & book-launches

Before the Coronavirus. My brother and I used to attend book launches, we loved those.

2018 when Mpho Dagada had just published his book: “Mr Bitcoin how I became a Millionaire at 21”, my brother and I went to his book launch which was at Exclusive Books in Rosebank Mall.

When we went there, we had no book but came back home with one. We won the book at the launch, and we won it because we engaged in the book discussion and showed interest.

Book events are great places to get books, more especially when you engage in the book discussion and show your presence at the event and interest in the book.

Book events are also great places to mingle with others and make bookish friends that might turn out to be resourceful friends.

7. Follow bookstagrammersFollow bookstagrammers on Instagram.

I see on Instagram some Bookstagrammers giving away books.

Go to Google and search  Bookstagrammers  and the genre of books you want the search to show for, here is an example: Non-fiction Bookstagrammers then go check them on Instagram posts or saved stories if they do giveaways or not. Afterward, if you like a bookstagrammer and see that they do giveaways, follow them, and turn on notifications to see whenever they have posted something new.

8. Go to FacebookGo to Facebook

Please note:

Be careful when making meeting arrangements with strangers from social media.

** Never meet with anyone alone.

** Meet at a public place and let loved ones know where you are.

** Have a panic button on your phone. If you do not know how to set it up, Google search how to do it on your phone or go onto YouTube and search a video to do it on your phone.

Be on the safe side!

*Through these platforms though you can get books for next to nothing.

I know one group where people post books they are selling, the group is called “Second Hand Books SA”. The people that post here sell second-hand books cheap.

9. Download free eBook versions onlineDownload free eBooks online

I recently on Pinterest saw an article that was a detailed guide to downloading free eBooks online.

Here is the link:

click on the link, and it will redirect you to the article. Check it out!

10. Buy eBooks

eBooks are cheaper than hardcopy books and they are great because they are mobile device suited for reading.

eBooks you can buy from many online stores like, Google play store, and many other online stores. Do price comparisons between different stores then buy and enjoy some good ol’ reading.

That’s it for Now. I hope these are helpful!

Share your thoughts, which of these methods are you using to read more during this Pandemic?

Comment below


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How to read more, without spending more money on Books.
1. Shop from Independent bookstores
2. Go to the library
3. Join a book-club
4. Book exchanging with friends and family
5. Budget with a friend for books and buy a variety of books/ a book to read at different times.
6. Attend book-events & book-launches
7. Follow bookstagrammers
8. Go to Facebook
9. Download free eBook versions online
10. Buy eBooks


    • Posted August 3, 2020
      by Thando

      So helpful,thank you!

    • Posted September 4, 2020
      by Marion

      That’s a great and interesting post. Especially when you have been recently going overboard with buying books, like I did. Although I have to admit that buying ebooks is dangerous too. Since you don’t have the book standing around and taking away space, it’s easy to forget that they cost money too.
      I’ve recently discovered Scribd. It’s like a online library and has many of the books I love. (And the best alternative for me, since my library is unfortunately still not open or has an online catalogue.) Have you heard of it?

      • Posted September 4, 2020
        by Munene Mashaba

        No, I have not yet heard of Scribd, I will check it out. Thank you for the recommendation Marronx. Haha, I always remember a book when I want to refer back to it, I agree though, it is easy to forget eBooks though😂

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