How to manifest for a prosperous new year.

How to manifest for a prosperous new year
What is manifestation?
Does manifestation work?
Steps to manifest anything:

1.Think about how you use your time
2. Clear your mind from negative thoughts
3. Meditate/ Visualize
4. Re-channel your thoughts
5. Be clear about what you want
6. Create an action plan (a vision board)
7. Take action
8. Trust the process
9. Be aware of signs of the manifestations

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    If you are anything like me, you are probably anxious that the year is about to end, and you are thinking to yourself: what have I achieved this year? what did I do this year to make a change or a difference in my life? so since the year is near ending what about the next year? what am I doing next year?

    No matter how big or little that you have achieved this year, ok’salayo (a South African Isi-Zulu term for nonetheless) you have achieved something.

    Sit down right now, and take a moment to review all you did this year, all that you have learned this year that you did not know, all that you have survived this year; all that comes to mind is everything that challenged you this year and molded growth in you, so be proud and own it all, now you are ready for new challenges and experiences right?

    Now, with that said…

    Have you started planning for next year yet?

    Do you know what you will be doing next year?

    If you have been following my blog or have read most of my blog posts, you will realize how much of a planner I am, and I will tell you now, planning is the best thing you can ever do for yourself and it is one of the processes of manifesting your dreams and goals to come to life.

    If you do not have a plan then what is it that you are manifesting or will manifest?

    Manifest🕯, manifest🕯, manifest…everyone is talking about it, on Twitter, many people are even using this 🕯 to symbolize it; what is it? how do you do it right? where do you start? Does it work? In this article, I will tell you what is to manifest and give you a step by step, clear guide to do it yourself.

    What is manifestation?What is manifestation?

    Manifesting is thoughts that are focused, realistic, and actionable essentially. Manifestation is a term that is based on the law of attraction which is a process of thinking and visualizing, then working towards a goal to turn it into a reality. 

    Does manifestation work?

    Yes, manifestation does work, all things start as thoughts and visions in your mind then start to take shape when you work towards them to become a reality, essentially, that is the process of manifesting, you do it right mostly when you are aware of what you are doing. Staying focused on your plans and taking realistic steps towards each goal in your life.

    A while back when I was younger, I remember I resented some books on the law of attraction because all they ever said was: think about getting rich this and that, attract wealth and whatnot without a realistic guide or steps to get there,  I then overlooked the power of manifestation because I did not know how to use it, until I stumbled upon Tony-Anthony Robbins who I was introduced to by my younger brother, whom my brother got introduced to by his boss from work.

    For the first time in my life, everything started to make sense and I learned about manifesting, manifesting starts from being mentally fit, then you become proactive.

    Now, you might be like: How then do I manifest something in my life, be it money, wealth, a healthy relationship, a job, etc?

    Here are the steps:

    1. Think about how you use your timeStep of manifesting: Think about how you use your time.

    The first step to preparing for a great new year is to sit down and think about how you use your time.

    Time is precious and how we use our time determines what will get out of it.

    Whatever you commit into, it is what you get, so if next year you want to see something different, start now to substitute some time watching entertainment shows with some self-time to think about what you want and start drafting on paper some realistic, actionable plans to get what you want.

    2. Clear your mind from negative thoughts

    Step 2 of manifesting: Clear your mind of negative thoughts.

    The second step/ process to manifest what you want is to clear your mind of negative thoughts. 

    This is no new phenomenon, as the new year is nearing, it is time to sit and re-evaluate your life.

    What makes you unhappy, who makes you unhappy? These are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to be able to declutter your mind of past unpleasant thoughts in order to able to open a new clear path for all your manifestations and receiving them.

    You need to start on a clean slate, a slate that is pleasant to be in to manifest your goals. 

    The process of decluttering your mind starts with what I stated above; think about all the good you did this year, forgive yourself for all the mistakes you did and are holding you back, separate the good from the bad, then celebrate yourself for the good by acknowledging your strengths, your progress and the lessons learned this year, then take the bad and tell yourself next year I will do it differently or better because now I have acquired experience to do better the next year. Failure is not bad, it is how we learn to do things differently and improve in a manner suited best for us to flourish.

    Life is a learning curve and that is why it is important to forgive yourself now and then in order to be able to actually learn the lessons and move on rather than holding on to them and letting them build excuses and self-sabotaging tactics in your life.

    I remember on social media recently, I saw a quote, which I am not sure from who, but it was something along these lines: ‘You are your home, so be welcoming, be kind to yourself’.

    My mother’s parenting style was the same way.  She always told us that if home is not kind? if home is not welcoming? where will you go to be excited to be there? where will you take refuge and it feels like a safe space to be and you to feel welcomed? home needs to be distinct from the outside world, and YOU, yourself, you are your home. So, be kind and welcoming always even after challenging times.

    You go outside other people are cruel, they beat you like they used beat us at school (primary and high school ), our teachers would beat us and my mother never laid a hand on us and I believe it is because she wanted us to understand that home was a safe space to be and she would always be welcoming with warm arms, which she always is even now.

    She always treated us like adults/ equals and we resolved our problems by talking and a little bit of patience from her side. She is not even the yelling type, she never yells nor complains at all. And that is a vital lesson I learned from her on how to calm environmental turbulences, by finding that one safe space that is calm.

    3. Meditate/ VisualiseStep 3 of manifesting: Meditate/ Visualise

    Find a quiet room in the house, sit still, cross your legs as well if you like, and make sure the back is straightened. Then breathe in and out, focus on the breath, focus on you breathing in and out, feel the flow of the breath coming in and out. 

    This a precious moment, don’t allow any negative thoughts to rather manifest but take this time after a few moments of focusing on the breathing, to visualize all that you want, from smallest to the biggest goal, and create a mind map of how to get from point A to B and eventually to your Z.

    If you like, also pray to God for strength, courage, and wisdom to help you forward. Ask the Universe to help grant your wishes to come true. 

    So, this is a three-part process of Focus-Vision-and gathering Strength.

    4. Re-channel your thoughtsStep 4 of manifesting: Re-channel your thoughts.

    Manifesting is a process of Focus. You have come far if you are this far, now is the time to stay focused solely on the journey you are about to partake in next year.

    Re- channel your thoughts and dump all the excuses, excuses are a procrastination tactic that feels right justifying, but really they are just time wasters. Always strive to be solution-orientated when others see problems only and think of adding value and filling the gaps in tough situations.

    I have been there, I used to have excuses too like ah I don’t have the money yet to grow my blog because I would have to do sponsored ads, I would need money to pay for services of keywords research tools, bluh, bluh…I could go on forever about the procrastination excuses that I used to sabotage myself.

    All I had to do was sit down and re-evaluate this situation and re-channel my thoughts on this, something had to change. Firstly, God blessed me and took the biggest burden I had on my shoulders of ‘where will I get money for the creation of a professional-looking website?’  like the one I have now. 

    When I did not know what I would do, the website I had first expired and I did not have money to renew it, manifesting hooked me up with people that helped me tick off my biggest endeavor which was getting a website in order to help me pursue my writing journey.

    My cousin saw my passion for writing and well, she believed in me hard even when I did not believe in myself as I do now. She encouraged my writing, constantly checked on me and my progress, and even took the opportunity to get me web designers that would create this beautiful website that I have now. 

    I had begun drafting a business plan (some ideas for a blog) which I was advised to do so by a great friend of mine and she told me to check for venture capitalists online to fund my business plan. Getting a website built is pretty pricey but I did not want capital to build a website because that would put pressure on me to hurry up my learning process and adjusting to the scene to turn my blog from a hobby into a business. But anyway, I did it for the sake of getting a clear vision of what I want and how I would do things initially when I  get back into the blogging scene again.

    And now that I have this beautiful website, the rest really does not need money to grow my blog, I have realized that organic traffic is possible, and doing keyword research for free is possible too, actually many tools are free to use for my blog now, all it needs is further steps I recently discovered I have to take to grow it.

    I have since then vowed to myself to focus on solutions rather than I can’t this and that; resilience and persistence come from being solution orientated rather than just letting things be as they are. 

    And the more I commit to learning, the more I get solutions that are absolutely and completely free to use to grow my blog. I re-channeled my thoughts, it changed my habits and my life for the better.

    I re-channeled my thoughts to an extent, I am not even afraid of failure anymore, I own it like yeah, I flopped here, but now I know how to do it better next time, then I just move on and I hope next year we all approach the year in the same manner;  we would achieve so much.

    5. Be clear about what you wantStep 5 of manifesting: Be clear what you want.

    Not long ago, I wrote a book review of: “The 48 Laws of Power”here, and one of the lessons that stood out for me was: “enter action with boldness”, which means that in whatever you want in life, be sure you want it without hesitation because if you hesitate, others will sense that and take advantage to offer you less than what you expect, the law of attraction and manifesting works the same way too, you get more out of it when you are clear and bold about what you want.

    So, be clear about what you want, visualize as you meditate a clear picture of what you want, do not let fear manifest, believe in yourself that you can do it, encourage yourself that no matter the obstacles, you will make it to the other side.

    Believe in yourself, after all, if you do not believe in yourself,  if you cannot see your own future for yourself, who will see it for you?

    You only, have the keys and power to shape your life and mold the kind of life you want and so do it, start now.

    6. Create an action plan (a  vision board)

    This is my favorite step and it has helped me be able to constantly re-evaluate my life’s progress with ease.

    Now, to create an action plan you will need;

    *Colour pens 

    *A pair of scissors & some glue or chappies😂 (at school I would use lollipop chappies I had bought from a lunch break to paste papers together if anything had to be pasted after a  lunch break)

    *And a journal book to write on, some even use pictures but you can also do it digitally with Microsoft tools like PowerPoint or Word, print them, and staple them together to create a book.

    Shop here stationery (e.g Journal books, scissors & colour pens)

    ***To create a vision board on your notebook, just doodle some cloud bubbles and start writing in number format, steps of attaining your goals. Cut and paste images from magazines or the ones you have printed that resonate with your goals and desires into the clouds along with the text.

    ***Second option you can just draft a vision board the same way with PowerPoint creating slides, then afterward you print them and staple them together.

    What a vision board should have is the following:

    *Write S.M.A.R.T goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based)

    *Write the year’s keywords /vows /affirmations/ mantra of what you will accomplish on the new year, if next year is the year you vow to read more, then write down the vow and always look at it to remind yourself of the vow.

    If next year is your big year to accomplish and pursue the biggest goals in your life, then have the keyword on your vision board: “I will not let fear manifest” so that when you see it now and then when you open that journal, it gives you the momentum to go on and never quit.

    *Write clear steps of how you will go about pursuing your goals; you saw it in your mind, now put it on paper so you can be able to measure progress.

    (e.g:  (1.) I will do research about my niche of interest and creating a blog (2.) Create a business plan. (3.) Pitch my idea to my uncle who is monied for money to help me with  funding for the design of a website (4.) Hire a web designer to design the website (5.) Write bomb-ass content that offers value (6.) Market my content (7.) Monetize my blog (8.) Expand it, etc.…) Do you see that this a clear, detailed plan/ goals to start from?

    *Next, write all the tools you will need to get there even if you do not know how you will get these tools because that is how the laws of attraction work, as long as you know what you want, frequencies of energy will pick up vibrations and sends signs, people or a way for you to get help with all that you need to reach your goals just as it happened for me in step 4. 

    *Record/ tick off progress in your vision board (little or small, progress is progress and it matters, this progress is the one that will give you the momentum to go on and show you how close you are to your manifestations even though it may seem like the process is taking longer to manifest)

    *Write what you are grateful for.

    Keeping a journal and recording all you intend to do then afterward ticking it off once the task is completed is so fulfilling, more especially when the year ends, hence I am encouraging you to start now planning for next year in order to have a productive and prosperous one. 

    N.B: On my Pinterest account (, I have saved some pretty awesome looking vision board ideas from other content creators, you can go check them out there.2021 vision board checklist.

    7. Take actionStep 7 of manifesting: Take action.

    Now that you are clear on what you want, you have written down your goals and know how you will reach them mentally from visualizing a map, now you are ready to execute the plan.

    Go ahead, launch/start that business, launch that blog you have been planning for, go straight to that company manager and look him or her straight in the eye and say without hesitation: I am here for this position… or just cold email or contact via Linkedin because that’s what we do now and sell yourself,  tell the manager about what you can offer the company and if they are hiring, you will most definitely be considered or hired.

    The key here is to just have a vision of what you want, be proactive, do something in relation to your goals to be able to meet relevant people that can help you. Search for mentors online, volunteer to take tasks related to the job you want or a project you want to be part of, and trust me no efforts ever go unnoticed.

    8. Trust the processStep 8 of manifesting: Trust the process.

    Manifesting is a process and with every process, it is a rollercoaster because all great things take time. Trusting the process means staying focused on what you intended to do without looking around at other people’s progress and journeys.

    Trusting the process means knowing that you will face obstacles and challenges along the way that will discourage or deter your progress but when you have a plan at hand to refer to always, you know what the ultimate goal is even if it means taking some steps that may seem unnecessary, manifesting is a journey and a matter of understanding your journey’s path (timing).

    Just never lose sight of your vision, practice some patience towards the law of attraction.

    9. Be aware of the signs of manifestations happening?Step 9 of manifesting: Be

    Through the rollercoaster of it all, you will get signs that will encourage you to keep on going or seeing that what you manifested is coming to reality.

    You will see signs of manifestations when new people or opportunities present themselves aligned with what you are manifesting for. People will contact you to work with you, pick an interest in what you are doing, etc.

    You will see coincidences of words feeling like they are speaking directly to you, and maybe they are. Do not ignore the signs.

    Recently on Twitter, I participated in a word game whereby one was supposed to reply with the first 3 words you would see immediately stumbling on the post, mine were blessings,  momentum, and… well, the other one I am not really focused on as much yet.

     Momentum and blessings were my highlighting words, I do feel blessed and believe more blessings are coming. Recently again, I had slowed down with my work and I needed momentum to go on writing because for the past few days I had slowed down, amazingly, I got it, something amazing inspired me to write this article which helped me get my momentum back to do even more than just writing, but better yet, plan better this year for the next year so that my blog delivers even more satisfactory content.



    I am curious to know, as you have read the article till this far, have YOU started planning for what you will be doing next year? Do you have your New Year’s keywords/vows/ affirmations/ mantras yet? and if you do please share in the comment section below what they are.😊

    My next year’s new year keyword/ mantra is: ‘I will not let fear manifest’.

    I wish you all happy holidays and a prosperous new year.

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