Hi, Welcome to my Book Blog! I’m Munene

About Me

I’m an avid reader and critical thinker. Nothing in this life makes me more happier than discovering the unknown or bursting in laughter absorbed in a good Book. I love writing as well and sharing my thoughts and thus, here I will be sharing Books worth your penny or not and my favorite Johannesburg Bookstores to shop for Books and everything about the reading lifestyle and culture.

Mission & Vision Statement

Reading is a fundamental process of our everyday lives. We read all the time, whether it be instructions, signs, browsing online, or at school being forced; we are munching on information and that information helps us daily reach certain goals.​

Reading helps shape our perceptions in life, it improves vocabulary, helps expand one’s knowledge and sometimes it helps you find Humor in real life experiences. In overall however reading improves health and wealth.

In my teens I went through stages of transitioning that were very challenging, I fell into a deep depression and had anxiety issues. Opening up to my family was hard and that time, I thought it would be embarrassing doing it. I also knew we could not afford therapy and so my only therapy, my haven was in books, I found solace in various self-help books and my life has since improved.

For a long time I have always known that I wanted to someday have a Book-Blog whereby I would share some of my favorite books that have shaped certain aspects of my life, even before starting this Book-Blog; all I did was read, read, read. My younger brother someday came back home with a book titled “Million Dollar Blog” by Natasha Courtenay-Smith. When he gave it to me, he said: “there now start that Blog sis”. I further went on to Google to do more research and well, here I am now.

floatmyboat.co.za came about as my mission to bring Non-fiction book lovers like me, the best content on books and anything and everything related to books.

The chosen name is from the proverb “Float my boat”, meaning interest me or entice me, floatmyboat.co.za is meant to move book lovers and become a community where people challenge or inspire each other to read more.

Categories of the books will be divided into the following:

The website is meant to be a community of avid readers to engage and share experiences about books that have helped shape each and everyone of us’ lives.

It is a website dedicated to being a resourceful tool and cater for the new school and old school through giving advice about the best places to shop for eBook, shopping books online and shopping hard copy books that are cheap. The Blog intends to cater this by going around searching for one of the best book-stores to shop for recent books and second hand books.